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    Injected Acetate
  • Size
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    Injected Acetate

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I use Brewsees?

Young man, when you want to get your drink on of course. Oh, and to protect your precious eyes from those harmful UV Rays. In other words, you have an ice cold brew, you want to drink that brew, you are wearing your Brewsees, and shazzam, beer opened. Other ideal use cases are showing off to girls, bottle opener challenges, and opening two beers at one time. Think about that one cowboy.


Will they break?

F%!K No. If you somehow king kong them in half, your beastmode session just scared the living piss out of us. Hold onto the temple arm, engage the opener with bottle cap. and dominate. Its' that easy.


What’s up with the lenses?

Polarized baby, all day er'day. We also slap those shine blockers with UV400 protection. Our mirrored lenses for your inner steeze offer all the same polarization, but that butter revo coating pings away even more light.


Do you offer prescription lenses?

We are currently thinking about it. Contact us if you would like RX installed and if we get enough demand, we'll make it happen.


How’s the fit?

Our sport and outdoors collection are snug, and our pryfarer collection is comfy as hell. All are keg stand approved.


How many beers can they open?

The raining champion has logged 874. Step up your game son.


Do you offer bulk order discounts?

Contact us and we'll make it rain.


Do you have any other colors in the works?

We'll be launching new colors and finishes all the time. Stay gleaming.


Can I order custom Brewsees with my company or brewery logo on the side?

Absolutely! Hit us up here, boss.


Do you have a wholesale program set up?

Contact us and we'll sort it out if you're a good fit or not.


How do I get sponsored by Brewsees Eyewear?

Send us a video, photo, or any other media that tells us you're a boomshakala sort of guy. You know the drill, send through our social sites or just shoot us a note here.


Do you ship internationally?

Contact us and we'll figure something out so you can pry beers wherever you live.