Frequently Asked Questions

When do I use Brewsees?
Brewsees Eyewear is perfect for any occasion and they are built to withstand the daily rigors of prying & drinking while fishing, boating, golfing, BBQing, hunting, tailgating, NASCAR-ing, at the beach, on your couch, home brewing beers, drinking home brewed beers, partying at a friend’s bachelor party, gifts for your groomsmen & fraternity brothers, watching the football game, Father’s Day, brother’s birthday, son’s birthday, nephew’s birthday, mom’s birthday (our hero if she prys) and any other time you need to pry a beer open! Bottle opener sunglasses will change how you pry. The uses are endless!

Will they break?
No. Not if you pry properly. Always pry with your hand on the temple arm. The metal extends into the arm so these puppies are strong as ever. If they do break, congratulations as you are officially a beast – we’ll send you a new pair if you were prying properly. So far nobody has had any issues. Drink up!

What’s up with the lenses?
All of our lenses are 1.1mm polarized lenses with a UV 400 rating. We’re not messing around here. We made sure to offer optimal sun protection and who doesn’t want to look pretty damn cool? Our customers love them and have even compared them to the quality of $100+ sunglasses. They are removable if you wish to have prescription lenses installed. That’s us showing how much care and thought have gone into Brewsees.

Do you offer prescription lenses?
Yes, we partnered with the good folks at to bring you prescription lenses! Order directly from

How’s the fit?
Brewsees are a comfortable wrap around fit and are designed not to fall off your head. The fit was designed for throwing footballs, excessive dancing and the occasional keg stand. They won’t fall off boys. We’ll be offering various sizes in the coming months.

How many beers can they open?
You tell us! The current record is somewhere near 196+ just in one day at a party. We poured sweat and tears and well, beer – into making sure they stay opening your beer! Using both openers “ahem the double pry” will drastically increase your BOPH (Beers Opened Per Hour).

Do you offer bulk order discounts?
Yes we do! Email to inquire on bulk order discounts. If our 6 pack and 12 pack aren’t enough, you’re throwing one crazy party huh?

Do you have any other colors in the works?
We’re brewing up some ideas – but for right now, we’re keeping our frames black to keep things simple for us all. Stay tuned though!

Can I order custom Brewsees with my company or brewery logo on the side?
Absolutely! Email us at to inquire about custom Brewseees and custom coozie orders!

Do you have a wholesale program set up?
Yes we do. If you’re interested in selling the Brewsees – please fill out the form at the bottom of our website titled: Wholesale Inquiries

How do I get sponsored by Brewsees Eyewear?
We sponsor a wide range of atheletes, hotdog contest eating winners and guys who just plain live the Brew Life. Email if you would like to be sponsored.

Can I sell Brewsees Eyewear products on my website?
We work with other websites to sell Brewsees on a case by case basis [ no pun intended ] so please email with your inquiry.