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    Opens Bottles + Shotguns Cans
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    Opens Bottles + Shotguns Cans

Brewbassador Order Form - OCTOBER 1

For all the guys who been with us since the beginning....Thanks and looking forward to more shenanigans!

We're kicking off October with a bunch of new hombres and chicas, so below is the last points update before we start looping the new crew into the mix.  You know the drill, let us know what'cha want...

New Guys & Ladies: We'll have an update for you in two weeks....

1. Updated breakdown of points, through 10/1/15 is below. 

2. If we don't have your Instagram handle, let us know.

3. Shipping address is where you want this order to go. 

4. If you submitted an order recently and didn't receive product b/c it was out of stock, or we don't have on the site anymore, then submit another order.


Instagram Name Coupon Code Brew Points
  Adam Mccurry  Adammccurry1 3
AlexAlwin Alex Alwin AZBrewsees 0
Goodluckwilly Alex Wilson Goodluckwilly 0
andrewborn17 Andrew Born borntodokegstands 2
ajdietrick Andrew Dietrick Brewnamath 1
aholsenback Andrew Holsenback gotigers 8
turtles_are_awesome1 Austin Fink Ba sunglasses 3
burkettIV Ben Burkett benb 4
BILLYHELM Billy Helm texasstar 14
Brandonkuc9 Brandon  Kucera Kucerabrew 0
hungryasdewolff Carsten de Wolff CrabVT 13
choller15 Chad Holler Choller 10
Whocharlesjones Charles  Jones cjones 10
chief_foy Charles Foy chucksbrew 9
c_arnold95 christian  arnold  happyhour 27
Cosgrove69 Christian  Cosgrove Brewman69 0
Wiseman1219 Christopher Wieser Wise-Man1219 0
c.kob CJ  Kobliska 123BrewMe 76
cj_powell003 CJ Powell CJBREWS 24
Cole_blevins Cole Blevins Highroller21 0
ha_niloc colin  Ah ColinJMU20 17
  Connor Lyons tgoh7012 0
murph222 Connor Murphy murphdawg 9
ConnorBoBonnor Connor Trimble connorbobonnor 8
  Connor Welsh Cwelsh8 2
Corey_Roberts2 Corey Roberts Crobstayfishing 0
cabercrombie23 Cory Abercrombie LonelyEyes 5
eli_fanning David Harnsberry 4545 0
davemoonpie David Moon Dmoonthegoon 3
mean_dean14 Dean pulsford bacon&eggs 13
derik_gillingham Derik Gillingham DER123 6
Dpayne2169 Devan Payne  Ovechkin8 3
  Deven Patel dpuga 0 Dillon Hare DilSauce2015 0
Drewdove Drew Dove dovebeer 0
  Dustin gray dgray14 0
e_briscoe17 Elijah Briscoe brewswayne 7
thequadtimidator garrett Payne ambpayne 40
George_Droukas George Moundroukas GeorgeDroukas 6
grantnagel Grant Nagel ambNagel 3
dudefuckhenry Henry Hanrahan hank69 0
  Jack  Hinder blackjack 12
j_holloway13 Jacob Holloway Holloway 3
jsantelli3294 Jameson Santelli brews 2
asuSprayPaintGuy Jason Shelton ambShelton 7
jeffromarks Jeff Markarian Brewbros 23
Sir_James96 Jimmy Fildes RebelFildes 23
jorsini24 Jimmy Orsini Junglejim 0
joedennie1 Joe Dennie UTC 5
jmalin17 John  Malin Irish17 10
slimschuss Jon Schussler Slim 6
notthefakejshap Josh Shapiro Wisconsin 0
joshswim95 Joshua Grover ShotgunGrover 17
justis_faulkner Justis Faulkner faulksbrew 0
Keithrivenbark250 Keith Rivenbark KRiv250 1
  Kendal  Kessler kesszbt 0
kconroy18 Kevin Conroy scruffy 0
kevinodonnell6 Kevin O'Donnell fishlax 6
klaysmith1 Klay Smith Youngsmith420 1
kylespergallen Kyle Gallen KG6 -3
lukelton Luke elton poop69 0
  mark menegay party harder 0
mattyben123 Matt Benvenuto Goathouse 0
mattchletsos Matt Chletsos Coastalbrews 5
mattjohc Matt Johnson BrewsAndBees 0
  matthew allen Mattbeer30 3
mikeletz Michael Letzter BADGERS 0
Mikey_rodz Michael Rodriguez Mikeyrod 0
  Michael Zimmerschied Landshark94 0
Mitchwall63 Mitch Wallace mwallace 5
morgi_corgi Morgan Thompson morgicorgi 0
ncadamson Nathan Adamson SCBeer 18
smithandstuff Nathan Smith Dawg69 6
10nickgeorge Nicholas George DuckDuckBooze 0
nnewara Nicholas Newara newara13 0
nbarcelona1 Nick Barcelona barcey69 0
shaboipsmith Peyton Smith Shaboipsmth 0
austin_reid Reid Austin Salty7 0
richardkemp Richard  Kemp brewseesKEMP 6
Hillikopter_7 Riley Hilliker It'sBrewThirty 18
  Rocke Bauhofer Itschewie 9
rhendricks29 Ryan Hendricks chiefmasterflex 3
ryan_nelligan Ryan Nelligan RNBREW 15
Saabs_06 Sabrina Jin-Corcoran SABS06 14
  Sameer Thakker sameer1 2
samjspencer7 samuel spencer spencer707 3
seanmh7 Sean Horan smh7 12
shawnelston Shawn Elston kingcash 11
shawn_madl42 Shawn Madl 14U2NV 0
Sheadbusiness  Shea Dionisio  Ambdionisio 21
lifebeautypassion Steven ingard captainsteve 4
Sullybrahmills Sullivan MIlls sullybrah 5
toggjones Taylor Jones Toggle 10
taylor_myers49 Taylor Myers TayMy_14Brews 6
t_hillz Thomas Hillier ambHillier 4
Todonnell9 Tim ODonnell Brewsauce 3
Tj_morr53 Tyler Morrison Brewbro53 2
  Walker Parrish I'm too drunk to taste this chicken 0
nahmens9 Will Nahmens nahmens26 1
Wbcompton William Compton TheGing 8
  Zach Cappellini sandybrews 0
zwright88 Zeke Wright zwright300 25


*If you think we miscounted, missed something, etc., definitely let us know in your email.  Not trying to shortchange anyone, so keep us posted and feedback is always welcomed!

1. Fill out this little form below and let us know what we should send your way.  

-Pair of Brewsees (12 Points) - something in stock

-Brewsees Flag (8 Points) 

-Brewsees Tank Top (8 Points) - Tell us the color and size.  First come first serve until we run out. 

-Brewsees Cords/Neoprene Straps (4 Points)

2. That's it. As easy as crushing a 30 rack of Coors Light on a hot summer day.  We will ship to the address you give us below.

A little note'ski: Make sure you enter your coupon code, it helps us keep track of all this stuff a lot easier.  We'll email you if we have any questions.



Fill out my online form.